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15 years old girl, i love boys, and i love girls too. if u wanna chat, send me messages. and i dont have kik. I DON'T OWN ANY PHOTOS. SFW.

πŸ‘¬πŸ’–  "Cuddle me in, Lie down with me, And hold me in your arms"

Anonymous said: Im living with my best friend and her family. I really like her and she's adopted. Her parents are a gay couple and I'm going to live with them for a while. She has 5 brothers. And I'm a total tomboy. I know she likes me. But how do i ask her out?

first, be brave. then, tell her like ‘hey im about to watch a movie, do u wanna go with me’, if you are too shy to ask her in person, try to text her. i hope you two work out okay good luck :)

www-ninahar-com said: Hi!So there is a girl that I love.I am 19 and she is 36- I think she likes me.I went out with her once,brought her a rose,made her laugh a lot..we are also planning to go on a festival together. What about the age difference? Big hugs from Italy,Nina

well 17 yrs is quite a gap haha, but i think it’s no big deal if you two really love each other, it’s 2014 now, who cares??

gay-love-is-stronger said: Hey! I came across your blog and I love it! I'm bisexual so it's great to meet people who are like me!

it’s great to know you too! :D

Anonymous said: Okay so my best friends older brother is really hot and we did some stuff but not sex the night before 4th of July... Anyways my friend got his phone while we were doing stuff and found out he was gay. Like sending pics and the other guy talking about did he like it when his dick was in his ass.... We think he only did it for pills tho. Yes I know please don't judge.. Anyways I really like him and yesterday he kissed me. What do I do??? Please help me.

maybe he just wants to have fun, a never serious guy is never a good guy.

Anonymous said: My friend (who I like) was extremely flirty with me on Friday, she like made me lay on her lap attacked me with hugs and then when we talked that night sent me loads of love hearts! Do you think I should ask her, If so what should I say? (Btw she's been like that a lot recently) I LOVE YOUR BLOG! ❀️❀️

she probably likes you, actually i think you can confess to her, tell her that you like her.

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