B for fabulous

16, girl, i am bi, yeah. i'm ok with my bisexuality so i hope you're ok with it too. send me sweet msg if u wanna chat with me, but due to the shit wifi at my place, i probably won't be able to reply it immediately. and all the photos are from all around the internet.

Anonymous said: Hi I'm a girl and I don't know for sure if i'm bi but I was thinking: and if I am bi how I'm gonna tell it to someone? It's not that I am scared of what they gonna say or think cause I have that friend who is bi too but How is the best way to say it?

1. i think you’re just almost there, not quite sure but almost, so just follow your heart, and your heart will find a way

2. theres no such best way to come out but there are plenty ways to. for example, tell everyone at your bday party, or call your families and friends tell them you’re bi, or coming out on facebook. (or a better way: film a video of you walking out of your closet, and say hey im bi)

Anonymous said: I am a freshman in high school and I am a boy (gay) and I heard there are some other openly gay students and I want to be in a relationship, how do I find them? (I'm also out too)

hmm maybe you could ask your friends to help, ask them if they know any cute gay boys. or you can try taking part in some school activities, you’ll get to know lots of people, and thats also a good way to find your potential boyfriend

lgbthelpcentral said: Could you possibly post this and let your followers know that I'm a new lgbtq+ advice blog/forum for lgbtq+ topics in general? Please and thanks also I love your blog you seem absolutely lovely!

its good to see more & more lgbt blog on the internet!!

i took my boyfriend to disneyland for his first time ever and recorded it :)


secretgaylaxy said: Where are you from?

malaysia, my country has been really famous recently lol

ryanparamorelovato said: OMG you're a girl I love your blog even more!!!!

okay… thank you!!

this is so romantic.. could be a brilliant idea of wedding photo (guys pls take note of that)

plenty of msg in my inbox, sorry that i could reply to all of them, but thanks to all the sweet msg you guys sent me! <3