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15 years old girl, i love boys, and i love girls too. if u wanna chat, send me messages. and i dont have kik. I DON'T OWN ANY PHOTOS. SFW.

(i dont take selfie quite often ya know. i think it’s awkward to hold my phone up in the air to take a photo of my face tho nobody’s watching. but yeah whatever)
hello everybody… today’s my birthday actually, turning 16 today 🎉🎈🎉🎈
it feels like i have so many things to say to you guys, thank you for the 10k followers few days ago, it’s actually the best birthday present, ever. i am now a happy 16 years old. whooo!

love-hajir said: Hey.. Can I see a picture of u? :)

Hmmm I think I’ve post one around the end of April. Or try this link

Anonymous said: Hey I'm bisexual girl 13 and my my crush asked me out. She's a girl too. But I'm the first girl she's dated and she's like shy around me, and kinda like quite. When we were friends she was like a squirrel on caffeine. Any advice? Please help. -Ursula

Maybe you can tell her like ‘i prefer you being insane and crazy, relax and dont be so shy’.

caterin28 said: Holaaa (*¯︶¯*)


25. July 2014

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dont-waste-it-on-me said: Hi!


Anonymous said: To the bisexual guy. Yo, I'm 18, bisexual female, my parents are exactly the same way. I've kind of just come to see that I don't care. I'm happy with who I am and I'm proud to be me. I don't flaunt my sexuality, but I don't hide it either. If your friends are really your friends, they won't care and your parents shouldn't care either. My best advice is to just ease into it and be prepared for a few negative reactions, but mostly positive. I know when I came out my friends didn't really care.

fabulously-feminine-boy said: Wow congrats in all the followers! Any advice on how to get more people to follow?

i dont really have any tips, just try to keep the blog active and when you post something, put lots of tags but dont spam. and be friendly to your followers. :)