B for fabulous

16, girl, i am bi, yeah. i'm ok with my bisexuality so i hope you're ok with it too. send me sweet msg if u wanna chat with me, but due to the shit wifi at my place, i probably won't be able to reply it immediately. and all the photos are from all around the internet.

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is that you? josephn12

Anonymous said: I hope this doesn't sound too complicated, but I'm going to explain my situation to you. I've really liked boys forever, I know I'm sexually attracted to them. But I have a good friend I've known for about two years now, and lately, whenever I'm with her, I have to hold myself back from kissing her or playing with her hair or telling her she's absolutely beautiful. I'm not sexually attracted to her. I'm sure she's straight, though. I've felt this way about two other girls. I don't know...

well at this stage you cant just jump to the conclusion, now just give yourself time, dont think abt it too much, let it go with the flow.

then maybe when you’re less confused, you’ll know either you’re just curious or bi. follow your heart :)

18. September 2014

I know this has nothing to do with my blog but I am really concerned about the Scottish Independence Referendum. I don’t know want to see a country becomes two, everything’s better when we can stay united.

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my boyfriend planned the perfect first trip to Dallas for me complete with trip to the art museum, aquarium, and an appointment to play with PUPPIES! what a keeper!

Anonymous said: Hey I'm new to this so I'm kinda nervous but I was wondering if you can help me.? I bisexual & I came out to my friends but 2 months after I came out I ended up dating my BestFriend. I have liked her since 7th grade. After we broke up I just can seem to get over her & when I see her hugging other guys I get so mad & jealous. Idk what to do. I have so much pain. I want to tell her how I feel but I also don't want to lose her. Can you please help me?

since you two are best friends there should be no problem talking to her, when you two are alone tell her everything, about what you feel what you care, if she really understands you, congrats you can still be bff, but srsly dont expect any romance thing, when you broke up, that means dating her is a wrong choice, so perhaps you just stay friends.

Anonymous said: So i was hanging out with my girl and her brothers came in again AND THEY CAUGHT US KISSING and the one that's mean to me gave me a condom and said 'don't get her knocked up' UM DUDE IM A GIRL AND SHES A GIRL. also pretty sure they want to beat me up

WHAT THE HELL are they mad or what

next time when you’re at her place, talk to her brothers (of course with your girlfriend around its safer), no matter what they say just assure them that you really love her, and maybe ask your girlfriend to convince them

thestraightgay said: Hey just wanted to let you know as a fellow Bisexual how much I appreciate your blog. You rock and dont you forget it! P.S I am a 18 year old boy from canada

😎 really sweet comment haha thank ya

Anonymous said: Hey. So I'm just wondering what pan sexual is and also. I'm not sure if I'm bi gay or straight. Like guys are hot and girls are hot. But boobs are attractive and I feel so scared saying this it's just like IDK. Pls help if u can. Btw I think it's great that you help so many people.

i experienced that before, so now im telling you that dont be scared about who you are and what you are. in my case, idek im bi until i had crush on my girl friend, and i was quite scared and couldnt even sleep well at night. if i had a chance to live my life once again, i wont be that that timid and scared, i would just embrace myself.

so its ok if you feel unsure, its normal, but dont push yourself too hard, follow your heart. no matter youre or gay straight or bi, it changes nothing so dont worry about it.

*pansexual is being attracted to all genders, not just men and women.

Anonymous said: Hiii. This is the first time i ask you. Nice to meet u 😁. I have a problem... I'm in love with my friend, he is gay, no problem with it. But he don't like me. We dated but he left me. Sometimes i think he likes me but sometimes not. I don't know what i have to do. I think e will reject me and don't talk to me. I'm scare and don't know what to do. Can you give me your opinion? I love your tumblr, really love ❤️ (Oh, my english isn't so good, please forgive me ;) )

so i think he doenst love you anyway, but dont be upset, maybe he isnt the right one for you, let him go.