B for fabulous

16, girl, i am bi, yeah. i'm ok with my bisexuality so i hope you're ok with it too. send me sweet msg if u wanna chat with me, but due to the shit wifi at my place, i probably won't be able to reply it immediately. and all the photos are from all around the internet.

secretgaylaxy said: Where are you from?

malaysia, my country has been really famous recently lol

ryanparamorelovato said: OMG you're a girl I love your blog even more!!!!

okay… thank you!!

this is so romantic.. could be a brilliant idea of wedding photo (guys pls take note of that)

plenty of msg in my inbox, sorry that i could reply to all of them, but thanks to all the sweet msg you guys sent me! <3

Anonymous said: So I'm 13. I know I'm young but that is besides the point. I am a guy and I've had a crush on a guy for years. Now, it was kind of a joke the first year because in fifth grade everyone thought I was straight. But as time went on and I've told pretty much everyone including him. It was obvious I still liked him. One day at lunch. As I was walking back with my friends and he said very quietly. "I think I'm bisexual". Nobody else heard it and he when I ask him he does to say anything. I'm confused!

if a guy shouts to everyone that he is bi, he is probably play truth or dare with his friends and he picks dare.

but your friend just said it so quietly like no one could hear, i guess he is bisexual but just want to keep it down, he doesnt want it to be a headline thing. so maybe you could have a little talk with him after school where no one could hear you both, you could ask him about his sexuality.

Anonymous said: I had enough because this guy apologized and I thought he was never going to hurt me but I was wrong. I had feelings for him and deeply liked him. He told me that he never liked me and I didn't know what to do. Sometimes I feel like taking my life away because of his actions. He caused pain in my soul so much I want to curl up and cry. I gave my body to him and he used me. I swear I can't deal with this anymore I'm a guy

dont see him or talk to him anymore, just kick him out of your life. you didnt do anything wrong so dont be upset at yourself ok. try not to think of him, at the beginning it must be hard, but you’re gonna make it. from now on, be a little bit more selfish, love yourself and live your life, dont think about what he did to you because its already in the past.

you have to know that you will get someone better, so chin up!

Anonymous said: Did you know September is bisexuality awareness month? Are you excited?

yes i know it!! only slightly excited, because theres no gay parade thing in my country, pretty sucks, haha

Anonymous said: Kiss me good morning Fuck me good night

errrh no? i dont always fuck my followers lol

Hey, I just published a book about a bisexual witch and a lesbian woman king, and all the main characters are LGBTQ people of color.  Would you possibly be interested in reblogging a post about it?

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Thank you so much! Love your blog, by the way! :)