B for fabulous

16, girl, i am bi, yeah. i'm ok with my bisexuality so i hope you're ok with it too. send me sweet msg if u wanna chat with me, but due to the shit wifi at my place, i probably won't be able to reply it immediately. and all the photos are from all around the internet.

Anonymous said: Hey just wondering where you're from?

malaysia. actually i hate this kind of question bcos i cant answer im from my mums vagina bcos she gave birth thru c section.

dezlezfez said: Don't worry I'm ok with you being bi because I'm bi as well


Anonymous said: Hello, i'm a girl and i'm 16. over two years i have a gf, and i tell my parents, they don't accept very well, so since then they try to end our dating. I moved from country to not have contact with her, but it is very difficult, because we remain very passionate and it's so har. i miss her so much, and my parents and my parents don't care about my feelings. i feel so lost

do u want to give up on her? will u not regret of what you have done? you can still keep in touch with her, through facebook twitter text skype whatever, bcos u love her, and i know u definitely dont wanna lose her. tho long distance relationship seldom works out, but its still worth a try. bcos all u need is love.

and meanwhile just try to talk to your parents again, dont be like ‘i demand u to accept us’, try to make them understand, or get someone like your cousin or a family friend that u really trust, ask them to convince your parents, maybe that will work. if they still insist you should not date a girl, well, just dont let them know.

stay strong bcos im sure in the next few yrs, more and more people will be accept gay marriage, so hopefully your parents would be open minded :)

Anonymous said: Im a 13 year old bisexual guy and i like waffles but i dont know how to go to the local waffle house in my town because they are really homophobic but like their waffles are amazing and i just dont know what to do :'(

this is the cutest question i ever seen, no offense.

well, customers are always right, isnt it? so you dont have to be scared, being bi is not a fault, so just walk straight into the shop and enjoy your waffles if they give your awful comment just ignore them, remember that you pay, not only for waffles, but also for good service.

Anonymous said: Hello im a girl and im 16 and im in a very confusing time where idk like what i am I know im bi bcs i do find guys atractive but i wouldnt imagine my self with them But as for girls i do And idk where im at Also im having a rough time with my parents bcs they suspect that im bi And i dont want to come out because ive heard them say really homophobic things and theyre cristian But everybody else knows except my family and im really scared of what they might do if they find out or something:((

stop confusing with yourself, its not necessary to put a label on yourself, if you think youre bi, thats it. and i dont think its a good idea to come out to your parents, so meanwhile just pretend like a straight person until youre 18, and then you can decide whether to come out or not, if you come out and they are mad with you, tell them like ‘im 18 im an adult i have rights to make decision in my life so i choose to come out’. and right now you can come out to your close friends if you want to, make a deal with them so they wont talk abt this in front of your parents. all the best mate.

Anonymous said: Hi do you have kik? I would like to chat with you, I'm sad and no one understand me 😞

sorry i dont have, but you can send me fanmail (its private!) or just send me msg as anonymous, no one will know who are you

Anonymous said: I'm a guy(15). bi. I don't know how to come out. Well I do know, but i'm just very hesitant. I guess I'm just really scared to come out and see people treating me differently in a good or bad way. I don't want things to be different between my friends and family. I have told 4 people and they are okay with it, but it's not enough and it's killing me that people don't know. How can I over come this hesitation?

dont think that way okay, even if people treat you differently, you are still who you are, it doesnt change anything so you dont have to feel strange or insecure. if u wanna come out just do it, if u keep worrying about what others will think, youll be so stressed

Anonymous said: So I got a big problem there's these two very attractive guys but idk if they're bi or what I'm scared to talk to them because every guy before them shut me down and I'm just afraid they're gonna do the same but I'm I guess bi and I have a thing for straight guys but being their straight it ussaully never works out but I keep trying because the straight guys I do fall for don't seem like their fully straight idk what to do

hmm mate you gotta respect their straightness, just be friends with them okay. and even tho they dont seem ‘fully straight’, they are still straight.